Redesign of

Sweden is a country which has a close and special relationship to nature. In total the whole country has designated 29 national parks.

This project was the first part of a redesign for the website

Early user research was conducted, to define how users perceive the current website at that time, what were their pain points and how they could be tackled.

After the research, design opportunities and principles had been defined and wireframes were developed. These wireframes have been tested and iterated with users to validate or falsify the ideas and assumptions.

Technologies / Tools: Pen & Paper; Omnigraffle; Adobe Illustrator
Challenges: Identifying pain points; Ideating with constraints; Building the right fidelity of wireframes;
Learnings: Analysis of user issues; Testing with wireframes; Iterating on a wireframe level

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This work evolved from a group work during my studies at the Linköping University – 2011