Corporate Identity for Intuitive Aerial

The corporate identity is an important factor for the public image of a company. It conveys company values as well has spirit and self-conception.

The swedish company Intuitive Aerial builds drones which are specifically tailored to carry heavy professional camera equipment. Their value proposition is to build camera rigs which enable film-makers to have the freedom of unrestricted camera movements.

The core principles of engineering ambition and precision have been lead to the concept and development of a complete brandbook which contains a corporate identity as well as a design manual and usage-examples.

Technologies / Tools: Pen & Paper; Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator
Challenges: Designing a complete brand which meets the image and the spirit of a company
Learnings: Brand development; Real client work; Empathy for company values and ambitions


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This work evolved from a group work during my studies at the Linköping University – 2012