The moodCave

Design is closely related to emotions and feelings. It is not only about how a design looks, but also what it communicates.
To get an idea what a design should state and reveal designers are using different approaches and methods. Mood boards are one of these methods where artificial compositions are created to describe a visual language and define emotional associations. Together with my classmate Fabian Schöttle I worked on a project we called “moodCave”.

The hypothesis of this project was:
Does an immersive interactive environment support the appearance of flow
during the creation of mood boards?
Technologies / Tools: Pen & Paper; Apple Keynote; Java Socket Server; ActionScript; Adobe AIR; Arduino
Challenges: Bringing mood boards into an immersive environment; building the technical setup
Learnings: Spatial interaction design; Mobile interaction design; Immersive environments

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Project blog:

Project paper: Schmager_Schoettle_Paper


Demo video

This work evolved from a group work during my studies at the Stuttgart Media University – 2013