Process Visualisation

For industrial manufacturers process are the key for the frictionless development of their products. One aspect of this, is that employees understand not only their own part of the process, but have a general understanding of the whole sequence of steps.

This project emerged from a study project at the Stuttgart Media University in collaboration with a german medium-sized industrial company.

The brief was to translate complex business process into easy-to-understand process-visualisations that can be used in clean office environments, as well as in the industrial halls of the company.

Technologies / Tools: Pen & Paper; Cardboard; Adobe Illustrator
Challenges: Deconstruct complex processes; Translate in cohesive design; Accessibility and usability for broad target group
Learnings: Analysis; Abstraction; Simplification; Accessibility


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This work evolved from a group work during my studies at the Stuttgart Media University – 2013